beating society

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I am a human being. But, that doesn't define me. I have blonde hair. But, that doesn't say who I am. I play sports. But that seldom tells you anything about me. I love puppies. But, then again, a lot of people do.
Hey! Hey! Have you Heard? The tales which are spread on the streets?
Beauty A misunderstood, hopelessly articulated, constantly changing concept The true meaning which has died Buried under social media, magazines, models, makeup Under designer clothes and fancy cars
Often times I wonder, Why we act, react, act, and repeat. I grew up in a house that says no to discrimination, I grew up in a society that says yes. I grew up in a church that says to love everyone,
Sabrina Petroski 110-86-7165   Eyes open feet slide off the bed and touch the cold floor step after to she carries herself
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