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Where do I begin? What makes it good or right? I'm too afraid to take a step In the wrong direction. So screw it. Maybe I'll just jump. Fear has held me back long enough.
We're making a start. A start of something new. I trusted that I could follow your footsteps. Today was the day where I realized I was at fault again. This is another time to reset my feelings and begin again. 
May the flamesBurning in your heartEngulf your mind singing start You must see Do not flee You’re entwined So colorblind The fortissimo keysThe hymn in my chords plead
Why do we love? Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless Love to be hurt Then why do we start?   We start to feel it That same joyous feeling
Starting and Stopping   Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing When to start
I found words too simple and elegant To stay as dialogues or simple remarks, But I found something important An idea that hit the marks.   Frustration, longing, heartbreak, Soon blended into stanzas,
The water laps against the boats, A deep, cerulean blue. The white sails flap, flip in the wind As the boats sail through. Oh, to be aboard One of the creaking, wondrous vessels;
Where do I start, This thing that I should do. Where do I start, With people that have never known you. Where do I start, When I haven't a clue. Where do I start, 
Here is the begging, so romising and bright, but what f you can't se the light? Hidden by the darkness of a pain that never ends. Hidden by the sorrow of a fight that just began.
Let the mind take over the body. Allow fresh air to come rushing to your lungs.
A new day A new mornig A new breath A new beginning   Yesterday is behind you Laugh at its mistakes Tomorrow is beyond you Smile at its mysteries Today is yours for the taking
It all started with just one word, hey. Hey, let's learn about poetry.   Poetry, the Key to opening Life's Door, The Key to freeing the unknown within. Poetry, the Key.  
I remember him, He was strong and full of joy, It was him I loved. Taking for granted, What once was forever mine, Caused him to be gone.
How to write a poem How should I start? This is my voice I can write from my heart Poems don't have to rhyme Poems dont have to make sense Poems start with you and your one line
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