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Naked face and naked eyes I like wearing my own hair My own face and my own mind   People call me bold For stepping out the house plain Or without a hood Because they fear the rain
I tried so hard So hard to just show who I am But  It scared me  Because I felt like no one would like who I am I just wanted to be free So free that I wouldn't care what other people thought
I wasn’t going to be Like the girls you had confessed to me Dense with immorality.                      I didn’t want our relationship to be Like a floating bubble Rocky and unknowing
Because we are the broken and shattered crooked smiles on crooked streets treadmill runners yearning for a place to be Because we desire to be found as "somebody"  
In a room full of people,I look around me.These people are silent,& They cannot see.Their mouths are sown shut,to keep them for talking.About the secrets they hear,
I'm drowning in the inability to let go there is no siding to grab no raft afloat just me alone in this ocean. as wilson difts away I scream in desperation, "I have lost my self control!"
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