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I just want to stay in bedAnd act like I'm deadI just want to stay in bed I don't want to go to workThe boss will think I'm a jerkBut I don't want to go to work
My heart pains My tears run My tummy aches And all because I can’t love myself the way you once loved me
Barreling clouds block the sky - The clock in the background - as I lay, The Forever nothings - drifting away - between the fog and the earth,
Close your eyes and submerge into it beck and call, Do not think just fall. Do not wonder just sink, Fill a cup of it and drink. Forget it all and give into it, Sing its song, Find comfort in it,
No I can sleep yes i wake up at 3 am there are nightmares that wake me up at 3 am and haunt me sweats bathes me
Dragging my feet I go to bed After pounding the street All day. My schedule was filled No rest in between At my activities I drilled All day. In the mirror I look My face, it sags
I sit inside and Let the world hurry by.  
When I close my eyes my mind wonders and my imagination flies. I can'y help but ponder... what from my dreams will arise?   Slowly I fall into an abyss and my dreams fly all around me.
Seeing you is agonizing. In reality
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
Pitter patter pitter patter The rain falls so softly As I sit and drink my coffee Thinking to myself how peaceful that day would be Sitting there writing poetry Sinking in my chair
I am NOT your Toy. My body is NOT ball jointed plastic limbs bendable for your covetous cock play
I'll call you in the morning, so you know that I'm alive. For I might die while I'm asleep, when darkness covers my eyes. For when you are not with me, I'm drowning in the sea.
Late at night, with sleep evading, I lie on my back, counting sheep The night ticking by, slowing fading, All I want is a few hours of sleep, But the morning is coming, evading
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