cherry blossoms

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Trickling through my sweet veins bursts a desire to fly through the ocean of petals, whose broken cellulose is splashed vibrantly
Alice’s army, Topsy-turvy, Too pretty to fight. Their skirts flow in the air and swords impale the ground; Battle-torn scraps float on the breeze,
I watch the cherry blossom petals fall Off of their brown, rigid branch. The pale pink blade Floating to the ground like a feather.
Cherry blossoms come to lifeAnd people, hundreds of them sit togetherTalkingLaughingEnjoying themselves
  Cherry blossoms, look my way. Express the right way for me to go, Oh, how your perfect petals sway. The deepened thoughts of those who pass high and low,  
Sakura, sakura,  Dancing in the wind,  Decorating the streets.  Lovely petals and old history,  Stay here forever,  Coloring the country. 
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