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Contrary To Chat That I’m An ANGRY Man... !!! I’m More Relaxed... Than A Laid Back Cat And That’s A FACT... !!! But That’s NOT The Track That This Poem Maps... !!!!!!!!!
Sometimes I'm mad, sometimes I'm sad. Bring me food and I'll be glad. The days seem cloudy, the days seem sunny, but my friends think the weather is funny. Somedays I'll
This feeling Is foreign But welcome All the same It's strange  To feel it Bubbling up To the surface Coloring your soul With its cheerful hue Splashing my mind
His mouth tasted like coffee and cigarettes, and his mind, his mind was like and overwhelming wave of beautiful thoughts, that I was drowning in. The odd thing was, I didn't want to swim up for air.
The Treehouse   Wooden beams support, surround. Ladder, crow's nest, food abounds, Kitchen, rooms, high seas are found.   Magic beings to work her charm,
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