Coffee and Cigarettes


His mouth tasted like coffee and cigarettes,

and his mind,

his mind was like and overwhelming wave of beautiful thoughts,

that I was drowning in.

The odd thing was, I didn't want to swim up for air.

His body was like a weight,

it brought me down every breath he took,

and I got lost.

Somewhere between his amber eyes and tender soul,

I became lost.

Maybe it was his gentleness that sucked me in,

but I don't ever want out.

People say we choose who we love,

but him, I had no chance, I had no say,

I just loved,

the way his smile took a slight change of direction,

or his eyes when he looks at me,

All i know, is that,

I never knew you could love someone as much as you love the way your cat lays on your hips, and the way it smells during december, and the way it feels to be happy with yourself, and the way it feels to be simply relaxed inside a bath filled with lavander and floating candles

but i loved him just as much, maybe more

it felt normal




i do so know how you feel

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