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Phantoms bloom in Mirrors— don’t breathe too hard on cold Days a lead-masked Face looms in the Window—
Dear Life,  You suck.  You are an evil, unforgiving entity that feeds off of negative energy.  You are the shadows that dance in a dark room, the ones that make me paranoid. 
Its a dangerous addiction  it makes me feel high, and its nice, why lie although, its lead to many devastations. 
Its a dangerous addiction  it makes me feel high, and its nice, why lie although, its lead to many devastations. 
I fight and fight the same battles Against the different demons, I hold in my head. I fight and fight, with no backup No army No partner,
Often we find within us that we can't explain what our troubles are Such a bizarre confusion, It makes the complaining of others our envy;
The notion that one becomes a poet through others to me is strange I grew from artists composer those with words unnoticed sometimes you forget the roots of poetry being music 
When a person looks at themself, all they see is the skin and all the basic features- eyes, ears, mouth, hair (or lack thereof). That's it. That's all.    And, that mentality in itself is a shame.
EMERGENCY (EYES) 9-21-14, 10:41AM 9-21-14, 1:56PM   She's so down and out, she feels like she's in Hell And she can tell you the day she finally fell
Ask my grandmother what it is like to live  with her husband, my Papa, and she'll point her doe eyes straight  into your soul with a gaze full of fear. Fear of the constant storm that hangs 
Her summer dress is red as a ripe September apple, a pink sunset dances upon her cheeks. I steal glances as she scrawls   rapidly, frantically, a diligent worker bee,
It sits upon a desk, silent, stern. A thin black metal brick  with a glass face that stymies my futile efforts to divine its nature, showing me nothing but the inquisitive 
In a nearby field, there lives a rose, as wild a creature as an unbridled stallion, an old friend of mine.
Depression… I’m nauseous. Obsession… Over cautious. Learned my lesson… I’ve got this. Left with less and got the obvious. A fracture… it’s painful. Your stature reveals a vain full… Of poison.
Many wonder why Self-Inflicted Inhibiting "sigh"I just couldn't deal with it all internal pain- in my weeping mind  I couldn't take couldn't cry so I broke a mirror
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