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At a local grocery store they offer free cookies to kids. The peeling sign plastered on the glass pastry case reads “Hey Kids! Have a FREE cookie!”
These are cookies that I love because they came from up above. Chocolate chip banana nut  if you bite they’ll get a cut. When they do they’ll ooze out chocolate;
Being in my fuzzy nest makes me feel my very best.  With my cat by my head  and three blankets on top, I feel at so at ease, like I've been heaven blessed. Safe from the world,
Six years old and I’m standing at the edge   Of the counter, standing on a chair, my feet Raised to the tip toes, peering into the bowl In front of me, the wooden spoon in my hands
Little feet scrambling across hard wood floors Pitter patter of fingers across computer keys Haunting notes of a bow across viola strings Laughing notes of a song to each other across empty space Fresh cookies being carried across the kitchen to s
I know you hate smooshieness Crackers that make you feel uncomfortable But I can’t help sharing with you
Life will knock you down. What lifts you up? Maybe it’s the way His eyes sparkle against the sunset.
I don't miss him I miss the feeling I had being with him I miss being in love How do you describe love? It's the most wonderful, secure, crazy, and beautiful feeling in the world
It sat there, on its godly pedestal, Alone. All its Friends of the Chocolate were unmistakably Gone. Vanished. O Dear Cookie Sweet Cookie O Cookie Tell me your secrets of survival.
I wanted cookies 'cause they're really good. I had to go to a grocery store. It's raining out so I will wear a hood. I don't have enough money 'cause I'm poor.
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