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when i first met him i thought that he would fight off my demons, but it turns out that i just needed a friend to have my back so that i could save myself.
Third eye intellect. Take time to self-reflect. Enticed by elevated wisdom. Non conformist conformed to intricate cognition. Mindfully, my mind is fully conscious . Keen insight in sight. 
Somewhere, over the monochromatic archAcross the skyThe shadows of twisted figures against the sunWrithe and shriek  A daunting vision brings forthAn unsettling fearThe cries shake the earthAs the shadows grow The horizon begins to burnA blinding
Can we roll back the hours And refresh the calendars To the time and the place Where we said we'd never change? Can we go back to the town Where we almost drowned In our sappy cheeto-cheesy love?
Textbooks and teachers told me “Hold on to everything; Everything you write - It will turn into something one day” And one day became overturned boxes Tossed around my room,
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