Inner Struggle

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Let's turn the page I have a story to tell About being on stage And how I fell I'm attached to strings Yet I want to be free Everyone else sings While I wish to be me
You.You think you want me outta your life?We both know that's a lie.Sure I'll give some space to fly.But without me long, you die.This is our complicated relationship.  Face it.
You.You think I don't know you,But you are as wrong as hell.You, I know all too well.This is true you can tell.I don't need to speak the obvious,The hidden person beneath the mask is you.
Twilight engulfs me. I lose myself within its shadows. I no longer exist. I am part of the faceless dark. I hate the night.
Beneath the moonlight I make my way, Clearing out the fog From the glare of day. The darkness tempts But does not take. She dances to me, But does not seduce. I do not deny her,
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