Lamentation of a Shadow


United States
48° 29' 22.6824" N, 116° 27' 27.6336" W

Twilight engulfs me.
I lose myself within its shadows.
I no longer exist.
I am part of the faceless dark.
I hate the night.

Sunlight defines me.
I am created anew by its rays.
I am an individual.
I have shape and a form.
I hate the night.

What a weary life.
I am born in the day and die at night.
Yet, night is worse than death.
When I fade into the shadows of the dusk,
I still remember my old self;
The joys of being a distinct personality
Instead of a formless wisp.
I hate the night.

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This poem was inspired by my struggle with fear of the night and death when I was suffering from clinical depression.

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