this is me

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Just because I'm Blonde doesn't mean I'm dumb doesn't mean I'm a slut doesn't mean I'm basic I am intelligent   Just because I make bad choices doesn't mean I'm a criminal
I am mountains staggered and strong in a valley of skin. I am warm leather showing age and a life that was lived. I am wind blowing through golden fields of grain. I am the glimmer in ancient eyes, the earthy hue of my hazel windows.
Dear Me,
  My name is Perplexed. Trapped in the past, Trapped in the present, Never see the future. My name is Perplexed.   Perplexed, All I understand. As love is between
1. It seems like you have to do drugs to write nowadays. Maybe if I do drugs, I'll write a book as popular As The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Or Naked Lunch.   2.
The ever clever fox is so swift  Little did she know, she has a gift  With a flick of her tail  She’ll never fail  But the ever clever fox  Is about to go through hail    You see… 
Who is this in the mirror that I see ‘tis I  in the mirror, ‘tis me. Define this person, this person that I see.   Well do you see the warrior, the fearless man that you are?
There is a woman in my mind whoseshell grows and crumbles, collapsesand is rebornendlessly. A statue, a castlein some ancient landthat was first etched on archaic blueprints and
Some say ridiculous, but it phases me not. Sometimes acting frivolous,  but only when I am distraught. Most of the time, working with diligence,  along with everything I have been taught.
There was a girl who stared into mirror.  She stared at the mirror all day. What she saw was a powerful, bright young woman. With this woman she was at the height of her future.  Then the girl said, "This is me."
I am me a simple kind of thing I am rich in not the funds you see but family and friends. and in the end to me all that matters is I'm who I want to be a simple kind of thing I am me.
You know, there are moments in life when you just look at something that has happened and are disgusted by it. These moments happen far too often. It changes our view on life, and we become bitter for it.
Ode to self Salvatore, is what I am called. Average height, Averag weight, Dark features, And white skin Physical features not outside the norm But It is not these characteristics
*/ /*-->*/ Who is this girl
They say life is like a book of handwritte
They can't teach my soul to sit down on a chair.    Their voices are the epitome of structure but I have already trained my voice to paint outside of the lines.   My eyes are oceans 
This is me, a pretty little girl who loves music, sports, food, shopping and dancing a little girl who loves her friends and most of all her family
they all stare at me, looking me up and down, side to side
I have always been a girl who hid myself who is afraid to be who I am who is afraid to tell the world what I got to say Spent the years hiding myself the change I need  is to be me
Art relates to me. Art is the creative skill and imagination presented to the world. Every stroke of paint an artist adds on a canvas, every stitch a designer puts in a piece of clothing
“I Am From” I am from many nights spent on the pitch, with blood holes and sweat galore, drenched upon its drips.
I'm always the type of girl, whose not scared going out without make-up, doesn't care if my hair is a mess, or what others think of me   i know I'm different but who wants to be ordinary,
Where I’m From Written by: Megan Weber   I am from the land of cheese, the badger state, My homeland of Wisconsin. I am from a place where the smell of cow manure and paper mills
I could paint you a picture. But it could never speak the words of my soul. It could never even attempt to fake the intensity or power behind my sentences.
Do you know what its like to be restless in the middle of the night Like having the most enraging best friend fight Have you ever walked in the other person’s shoes Checking out universal views on the news
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
My sanity hangs By a thread. My sanity runs Away from me. My sanity hides in secret places. My sanity bruises Me purple and black. My sanity always Seems to escape.
a-amazing b-bold c-controversial d-daring e-excellence f-fearless g-genuine h-hilarious i-intelligent j-juggernaut k-kind l-loud m-magnificent n-new comer
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