Alcohlic father

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I Cut You Out Of My Life, And the JOY routed in that LIBERATION is remarkable! I Cut You Out Of My Life, And the clarity that brings to me was previously unimaginable! I Cut You Out Of My Life,
Daddy fell asleep again on the kitchen floor Still clinging to his bottle like a hundred times before Liquor was the demon that he sold his soul to get Then drug us all through hell with no mercy or regret
One.What is your favorite color? Maybe it was blue, green, or red.Mine is purple. But you'll never know that. Two.Are you left-handed or right-handed?I was born left-handed.But I was told being different was wrongSo, I am right-handed. Three.What
The Unfirmiliar smell Traveling all around me Its cheap and strong Coming from my dad's mouth Tears start to flow My family chears with happiness No one understands They think im happy
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