Drinking With The Devil

Daddy fell asleep again on the kitchen floor

Still clinging to his bottle like a hundred times before

Liquor was the demon that he sold his soul to get

Then drug us all through hell with no mercy or regret

Our house had a monster and nowhere to hide

Where hopelessness lived and childhoods would die

The neighbors spoke nothing of noise and abuse

For fear that the monster would someday get loose

And I'd pray that God would protect us again

And send Daddy to the Devil to have a drink with him


Years went by and Daddy finally quit the alcohol

But never said "I'm sorry" for the scars he gave us all

And when he died I knew that Mom was better off alone

She finally found some peace on earth 'til God would call her home

Now I live with love my own family brings

Still sometimes the monster comes back in my dreams

But I know that he'll never hurt me again

'Cause he's with the Devil, drinking with him



This poem is about: 
My family


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