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At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
I carry my canteen of hope in my backpack on hikes sometimes it weighs me down  walking up the mountains but as i reach the peak  the canteen refreshes me if i threw away the backpack because it's too heavy
Like the sidewalk flower, We develop from difficulties. Struggling through cement, We learn our lessons.   Like the sidewalk flower, We overcome our obstacles. Battling through bricks,
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
I just want to share this, with you I just want you to get excited, with me But every time I bring it up Skepticism, written all over your face Distrust, for unknown reasons.  
They said it’d be a change And it wouldn’t be easy; Living a life like this Isn’t a joyride. I didn’t expect it to be But I also thought I was stronger than this.  
Life ain’t always what it seems, the trials and tribulations never add up to the means, you feel that life is useless but let me tell you why you’re wrong
Take my hand feel the warmth emitting from the sand  as ashes burn I will learn not to break Fragile soul, what more could be at stake? Oh dear one, don't abandon me Oh dear one, hear my prayer  
I am like the phoenix. When I burn, I burn with passion. I engulf in pain and sorrowful lessons that twist the flames in a cyclone of radiant, red, rotating fire. The hard way.
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