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A dog without a feather, A car without a sail,  My life without you pointless  As a frog without a tail.    As warts are for a princess, Your love is for my life. I need you like a daisy 
    Habitually I continue my trek in and around my environment. This movement is basic and we call it muscle memory. But the memories reside in my mind. I never forget the time I have wasted waiting for my left leg to pass my right leg.
You say I'm not alone but My tears pool And drop to the floor None next to me to hear My sobs None next to me to soothe My pain racked body The blood drips To splat on the ground
Extremely sarcastic professor Wants every student to impress her She twists the rules just as she chooses And grades the papers as she muses She sends them to the supervisor Who admits he’s none the wiser His rules are even more convoluted And so
Why are you going so slow? Don't you know you're on the left side of the road? I am trying to go fast,  Why won't you let me get past?   There are three other lanes. Can't you see you're being a pain?
im thinking a thought about how strange it is to see you not waiting for me at my locker
Wild and Reckless, thank you so much  as you reflect on all of us.   Wild and Reckless,  we appreciate this. We will never forget  the bad name you gave us.   
When I ask you if I can go to the bathroom, you say, "I don't know, can you?" I guess instead of "can" I should say "may," But I don't know, can you stop with the stupid jokes?
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