Open Up

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I'm a self reserved person with something on my mind I say that I'm ok, but I've always seem to lie I don't talk about how I feel so I write it in my journal I just want to say thank you for all the lessons and the journey
look, i never meant to hurt you  i never even meant to care i've been hurt too many times before  honestly i think we've all been there.  i never meant to scare you, to tell you about my past.
Tell me your fears            show me you're human                                                                                                                                                   life is one
After 7 shots of vodka I believe that you become the person that you are too afraid to be--  That's why I take off my clothes and you open up your heart.  I'm too afraid to give you my body 
It is a realm of disbelief,though I disregard the thought,Self made, self taught, self brought,A selfless creed but who would believe,The man that stands on broken dreams,Not a quitter but strives for more,
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