All To My Thinking Journal

I'm a self reserved person with something on my mind

I say that I'm ok, but I've always seem to lie

I don't talk about how I feel so I write it in my journal

I just want to say thank you for all the lessons and the journey


The things I wanted to change about myself have all stayed the same

You made me realize I'm unique in my own way

Though I wanted to express something the best that I could

No one ever knew, I was misunderstood

What did I want to express you may say?

I wanted to show my personality, the one I could never portray


Time has changed and so have I

When I read my journal I open my eyes

This is not who I am, I should be myself

I'm taking off my mask and putting it back on the shelf


Time has changed and so have I

I've opened up and I don't lie

This thing we all call isolation

Was such a burden, a big frustration


Time has changed and so have I

Looked back at the past and said goodbye

Peeled back the tape cause I've resigned

Now I just speak my mind


I'm better than what I've use to be, I grew

All thanks to my thinking journal, thank you




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