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Long lost lovers reunite at break A world free from woes, a world without pain. From every passing night to every blooming day, The warmth of the sun distants itself from the age.
Beyond Beyond these moments temporary frustrations stolen kisses meaningless upsets dreamy passages of time Beyond these is the future An endless expanse of being in love with you
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
I consistently identified comfort and company only with Solitude amongst the ashen and crimson stone walls of my home.   Years I spent, a myriad of mornings marveling
As I sit there and wonder a world beyond all of us  my mind begins to see images, and I close my eyes. As I step into the shower and feel the warm rushing water against my imperfect skin
Why do we fight?
People do not see what is in front of them
The sky ignites with cumulus miracles. Stratus embers emerge struck From a light Told to be the mighty plight. Now Ares' fire fights Armed with dawn colored wares
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