I Want to Know Beauty


As I sit there and wonder a world beyond all of us 

my mind begins to see images, and I close my eyes.

As I step into the shower and feel the warm rushing water against my imperfect skin

I wonder what it looks like, what I look like from a further perspective.

I desire to see little droplets dripping down my face and the way my wet eyelashes dissolve last nights mascara, how it slithers down my face creating a messines of black .

I desire to see the way my eyes light up when I'm happy

and the way they gush when I'm sad.

I want to see the beauty of all things;

the way a lonely plastic bag dances in the wind with yellow leaves, that had fallen from a maple tree, surrounding it.

When I die, I hope to see a endless meadow go into an endless ray of beautiful orange and yellow light, bright as can be.

I hope to fill my lungs with the sweet smell of life as I pass onto an eternity of ever lasting beauty. 

Because beauty, the beyond I want to be capable of seeing is all around me and you.

Open your eyes, open your soul and feel the beauty that your eyes could never see.

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