ex boyfriends

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I never knew how to count before youThe day I met you you told me I didn't need to listen
Just about a month ago, I would have sworn I loved you. Just about a month ago, I would be laughing  you would smile at me with  one of your precious smiles.  I would have sworn we made it,
You screwed me up had me thinking that you "loved me" You dont understand the words "I love you" because you said it so often throughing that word out like you actually meant it
You dumped me I let you be there is nothing left but the memories in the breeze   You went away because it was all just a game then you come back with the excuse that was so lame
As the cherry of the cigarette burns so does my respect for you i used to think i loved you, but everything that you do makes me sick the favorite things about you is slowly fading away, just like my love
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