if i could change the world

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If I could change the world… War would not be a thing No one would ever be hungry And the mute would fearlessly sing
If I could change the world in one snap I would make this corrupt world have love without any gap Around the world, countries are starving inside,
Life is a mystery it takes time to see During this time we make history but it was more that could be Things we could have changed and some things we wished stayed the same
I would have $5 for ever hungry child I see on the street Give the homeloess man that lives in the tunnel a cup of coffee each day Cover the backs of those without a shirt If I could change the world
  We as a nation have made the word beauty something that we can only see in magazines
One thing I would change So I could make a defference I would change the world   Our relationships It need some extra care They need cleaning up   In human mindset
If I could change only one thing  On this big,big, earth I would make everyone feel love, Everyone would know their worth.  I'd give a hug to every person Who was sad or scared
if i could change the world i'd want everyone to be happy. no more scars no more tears no more wars no more fear.
What would you change behind a glass window in a small room?  What would you change with the words of someone who owns no voice?   What would you do with the power of someone else with power?  What change the world?
Speak.Talk.Communicate. Empty phrases, for what do they accomplish but prove their own necessity? Change is not prompted by force. Yet force is prompted by change.
Happiness is my key, all I want to see. 
If i could change the world, i'd change how we treat our girls.   The way we judge them like pearls...   The way we make them feel, the things they have to deal... The pain that is real...
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