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I raise the sun, the moon nods off as its passes under the horizen, making the hills its bed for the day.
This world spins closer to darkness, The sun says goodnight as the stars blink their hellos across the sky. Silence takes over the land.
The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear. She often lies awake at night for something that’s not there.
Backpacks, shirts, and lunchboxes, Trading cards and games; In our world you must take care, Lest you be called names.   Some kids will laugh, they'll scorn, they'll mock, They'll make you feel alone.
Dear haters,  I know we don't agree, And that's fine with me, But that is no reason to speak like that. It just makes me want to hit you with a bat.   Dear haters, The show may not be for you,
The background is where I'll be.Just keep up and you'll find me!Ditzy-Doois my namethough I go by Derpy Hooves too.Delivering mailis what I dosoaring through the Equestrian sky.Muffins
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