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I know well that you're bad for me Your eyes and the way you move I try to get away from you But being brainwashed All I can do is nod I don't hate how your words make me feel Entangled and dance
I didn’t ask for your approval. I didn’t ask for you to be my mirror on the wall. I didn’t ask for your comments as I crossed the street. I didn’t ask for your filthy cat call.
I am standing alone in a crowded room No one here to listen to my cries The cries of people that have come before me A man walks across the room
A thug was set free even though he committed a crime.The reason why he was set free was because I'm a Mime.I was on the witness stand but because I'm a Mime, I wouldn't talk.
To K.    She started off a as normal girl didn't know about the cruel sad world Spent her time picking flowers
  I watch from the front porch
They say I’m mad, tis not true, I’m in love Thou known through my actions, this moment Glancing through his window on a cold night Watching my love sleep peacefully in bed  
She had never been very perceptive. Her body knew weeks before she did that he had been coming near, Making her palms dampen and neck prickle
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