To K.W

To K. 


She started off a as normal girl

didn't know about the cruel sad world

Spent her time picking flowers

innocent throughout the days hours

One day her happiness got taken away

by a stranger with a harrowing face


Justice could not be served

remember it's a cruel sad world

If you heard her story fully

you'd weep so deep you'd fall asleep

This haunting event she dealt with daily

took it's tole on her heart, on her soul


Her effervescence had started wilting

she grew older, her light barely glinting

She just needs someone to hear her words

but it really is a cruel sad world

She grew desperate crying in the shadows

Fell into a trench so deep, bottomless

unfathomly steep


One day she awoke from dreaming

to find her light, it had started gleaming

Not always cruel, the world got brighter

as her glow got even lighter

Soft at first, good things come slow

What mattered was that it started to grow

That's when she found out not all things

can be stolen, broken and isolated


Valiantly she acted and her fear soon contracted

Still it lingered, not gone completely 

Her happiness no longer fleeting

The struggle surely did continue

but with each fiber and each sinew

She grew stronger, striking, eager

The world, less cruel has started smiling 

Her hope had started piling 

She used it as a starting place

Steady she crawled, out of the cave

She wouldn't linger within it's torturing walls


Now she's got a better chance

Her light radiates, watch it dance

She's adventurous and her heart wanders

About the not so cruel world, she wonders

The future she knows little about

but she knows know the past is past

Somethings though, unfortunately last

So I'm writing this to her today

I need her to know, by her side I will stay

And right now I need you to know

On this journey you are not alone








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