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Footprints in the sand, in the dirt, in the mud On the floor, in the clay, in the snow
Windswept into an unknown journey,
I have been ridiculed and mistreated Because of the color of my skin It’s been so hard for me to see goodness in mankind I had to search my soul…so I decided to look deep within  
  Footprints in the sand vanish from under the howling winds of the great mosaic.  The Mojave lends all but safe passage. mountains rise and fall as the footprints ascend and descend their creviced skin of rock and stone. 
Take a deep breath, relax, Pick up a pen, and write. Let your mind take you in a direction Where you’ve never gone before Wondering upon the depths of a life’s journey To the rocky plains of the mountain tops
It's just another day, I see the sun through the window blinds The same people, same problems I worry about too many times.
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