Footprints in the sand vanish from under the howling winds of the great mosaic. 

The Mojave lends all but safe passage. mountains rise and fall as the footprints ascend and descend their creviced skin of rock and stone. 

Death valley smiles as sunlight illuminates the valley floor. waves of heat shimmer along a black asphalt road. The footprints lead away from the road. into the wooded trails where the pacific breeze can be felt as far as the crested sierras. The footprints pass Yosemite and Shasta. there is a sweet coolness in the air now. water can be heard running. Splashes echo through the still fir and hemlocks. A moose eyes wet footprints along the moist trail. An eagle circles the base of mount hood as the footprints below grow farther apart. Through Lolo pass the footprints turn southwest as a ribbon of light can be seen along the floor. the sky turns grey as the ground softens. the columbia river grasps the steep shores of volcanic rock. The footprints reach the edge of the Willamette valley and quietly disappear. The soft trails are replaced by solid pavement. dogs bark as the soft rhythm passes trimmed lawns. the cadence has increased, sound more uniform. the dense smell of rain subsides as the first droplets fall. The footprints  reappear, growing smaller between one another. 

A warbler watches the footprints slow from his sheltered nest. They have stopped after 956 miles outside a residence. inside a brown eyed girl stares outside. curled blonde strands of hair flutter in her walk to the door. Sunlight breaks the gray horizon as it replaces the soft liquid.

 As the Warbler takes flight it follows the two pairs of footprints leading away from the city. 


I will run to you always and forever.


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