a movement in motion civil rights the revolution

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In the Streets of America tonight Many hands of young students scrape the sky The colors of blue and red abrace their face As they endlessly march unguarded
America was made To be great. From the small towns to businesses, It was all so great. Until one day settlers came along. From Columbus to Addams, They started out strong.
What were you doing the night of August 28, 1955? How were you feeling on May 15, 1970? Where were you on March 3, 1991? What about on April 29, 1992? October 9, 2005?  
Our young black men and women are out here dyin', innocent lives are being taken away from this world, families are cryin' These crime scenes are horrifyin', cops out here lyin. We just want justice.
our hills valleys rivers lakes bays subways keep tunning a chorus
An object in motion stays in motion Isaac Newton’s first law A movement in motion stops Can a movement defy physics?
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