A Movement in Motion

An object in motion stays in motion
Isaac Newton’s first law
A movement in motion stops
Can a movement defy physics?

Civil Rights: a universal movement, everyone was, is, will be affected
Set into motion during the American Revolution
Before the revolution, after the revolution
Civil Rights is the Revolution

Women, African Americans, Homosexuals
All fighting for decades, centuries, millennia,
For the legal right to be free

Can a movement defy physics?
Have we lost sight of the true definition of freedom?
Men, women, and children of all races and relations continue to scream,
But do we dare to listen?

The 1960’s was not the only time a mass fought for their right
Modern Civil Rights are often overlooked
Where’s the passion for change?
Gay activists fight for acceptance, for sanctified love
Race is still a defining factor
Close-mindedness plagues our perspectives

But the movement didn’t end in the 60’s

The movement was set into motion in the 60’s
Today it continues to grow, but is its voice heard?
An object in motion stays in motion
Until it is stopped by a reacting force
The only force in our way is the inability to fight
Where’s the drive?

It shouldn’t take marches, and shootings, and protests
To make a difference
It should take compassion, love, and a transformed perspective
Can the new America take the challenge to change without protests?
Change without shootings?
Change without pain?

Can a movement defy physics?
Sure it can
But only if a lack of motivation stops it in its tracks

Our voices must always be heard,
Our motivation felt,
And our love for change seen

The Civil Rights Movement didn’t end in the 60’s

It had just begun.

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