all human beings can relate to this: just be you

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I Had a Friend   I had a friend Her name was Gittel. We played Together. One day Gittel Didn’t come out. She didn’t come
I am an empty shell that you found in the seaI am an empty seashell  that you play with on the ocean shoreI shine brightly under the sun. So bright that I caught your eyes.You picked me up and smile with excitement
I do not live to appease anyone. Why do you categorize me? Why is my appearance labeled, Am im not good enough for “Your” society? Why does the color of my skin designate what school district im welcomed in?
Jacob RoadHouse Hodge
Words can be filled with biting electricity and shocks of lightning They can entwine themselves in between beautiful notes and sentences of agonizing silence
What to change  or what to do. Why can't their be anyone in this world uniquely like you? Changing inequality isn't possible but why should it be? I'm glad that we're not all equal.
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