Write to Live

Words can be filled with biting electricity and shocks of lightning
They can entwine themselves in between beautiful notes and sentences of agonizing silence
They are filled with immense power to combine people to become one single person with one single thought
And so many believe that such words are filled with too much power

That when written down and given to millions it could lead to terror and destruction
But without such words with such rhythm and sensuous feeling beating through them
There would be no life to the way that we speak
There would be no way to laugh and be understood or cry and finally be heard
There would be no meaning behind a scream
And no excitement in the words "I love you"

To write using words with power and feelings of sorrow and joy
To scream into a void of space with a blinking cursor on a computer screen
Is the only way I know how to live without going completely crazy
To write word after word bleeding from my heart and dancing like music notes from my fingertips
Is the only way I know how to live

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