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i lie awake at nightstaring at the ceilingasking myselfjust what exactly is this feeling?
The strings vibrate violently over the frets, Making the people collect. The drum stick cracks over the skin, Letting the beat begin.
Lovely. No, its fine I’ll start. With the Stars. You start war’s and play war cards. All night long connect collaborated creations, bump like nicety no doubt. Stars.
A bouquet of flowers "because I love you." A box of chocolates "because I love you." A ring on one knee "because I love you." A holiday trip "because I love you." An angry red face
Over time, I've seen hate I've seen resentment and anger If I were asked if I could relate,
Para ustedes
While growing up, during my toddler years, mom saw so many emotions through her rearview mirror. We spent so many days in the car going from place to place.
I'm listening to the rainthe way it beats upon the rooftopsThe pitter patter dribbles its wet dropsSplashing the puddles all around me
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