This Nature of Mine

I'm listening to the rain
the way it beats upon the rooftops
The pitter patter dribbles its wet drops
Splashing the puddles all around me

I enjoy taking that first step
So I can be apart of that rippling effect
The cause of something great
A wave; a tsunami

Engulfed by its rhythm
the metronome of the planet:
Controlling the orchestra of leaves blowing in the wind
Back and forward, back and forward...

Man made tires creates mist upon the road
the sizzling sound as rubber speeds onward
Forward moving to ones destination
Though rhythmically as if windshield wipers too follow that 2:4 count

My often sporadic heartbeat too slows down
at ease with nature
More like a soft swoosh
Lazily pumping blood to my organs

I'm at peace once more
The rain has washed away all worries
A clean slate;
So I can worry anew tomorrow...


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