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wee coccinellaxanthic petaled pedestal—penny for your thoughts . . © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Bursts of yellow Stems of green Sprouts popping up and birds unseen   A meadow in bloom, hopeful and bright sun whispering in I sigh at the sight
u use a bright pen that is last to be picked in the packet. may u speak ur true feelings on paper and pray. she can’t see where ur love starts and ends. but she has to.  
Sunflower sunflower where have you gone Your sunlight extinguished from this earth Your dark pit of growth trembling , shaken to its core by the ferocity of seasons Sunflower sunflower where have you gone
Their pedals burst the color of rejoicement And lighten any room. Anyone would be excited To watch even a dozen bloom.   High, tall, and proud Darling sunflowers grow. You have many uses
You're  still pretty in the rain like sunflowers in the field Even when your petals droop, yellow you are still
Fields of sunflowers, secrets, whispered words of love. Have you forgotten?
Flowers are pretty, just like me. Flowers smell nice, just like me. Flowers can dance in the wind, just like me. Sunflowers turn where the sun sure shines. Like a sunflower, I find myself
Floral prints and straw hats Sips of lemonade and a gentle scent of daisies Mix nicely with the cool spring breeze   It has just rained So grass sticks to the bottom of our feet
Sunflowers dancing in the light, Hidden but not out of sight; Gathered in anonymity, But not without solemnity.   
Look at me, look at meI'm a sunflower, standing tall and looking brightMy petals are golden, and I seem boldBut through the eyes of a sunflower, everything I see is scolded
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