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Let your sparkling smile stuff the sunshine, Enthrall my sense & reason & this very heart of mine.   You are a limitless ocean while I a little stream only,
At five in the morning,One should not be expecting a call from Mr. Reet,So why am I? Mr. Reet is not a dear friend,And if he so happens to call at such a time,I am very inclined to decline his call.
My bell jar never leaves me Everywhere I am, everywhere I go I can never escape My bell jar always sits above me I'm trapped within the glass Peering out, viewing others' happiness
Loneliness isn't a feeling, it's more like a lie. You try to make it seem like everyone around you is with you but in reality, you're trapped inside your mind.
As the crisp leaves fell from  the freezing trees,
Addicted,I am to the pain,Feelings of loneliness surround me,Never leaving,Humble routine of this,I become even more lost without it,Happiness is a forgotten conclusion to a question I don't know,
No one to share a good chat with When I need to be kept sane No one to help me laugh it off When i slip in the cold wet rain   No one to make fun offers to For a night of banter and fun
A child screams for her mother, A man cries for his wife, A young boy holds the only thing keeping him alive. There is silence all around
I've Heard the Word Before
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