As the crisp leaves

fell from 

the freezing trees,

a girl padded softly

across  the cold ground.

She didn't want to be heard,

but for some reason that made her upset.

Shouldn't a person

want to be known,

and heard,

and loved,

and laughed with?

For some reason though, 

she was content

with how her life was.

But, she should

be upset about being nothing,

shouldn't she?

She stopped and looked down

as a single leaf plopped down beside her toes.

She then realized,

that this leaf didn't mind being part of a crowd 

because it knew that some person,

would see it as a single thing. 

Then she thought of the people who

knew her as a person,

really knew her,

and remembered why 

she was content not being known by all.


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