be free

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I try way too hard and came way to far for you to treat me the way that you do, but my bad.
We sometimes fall, We sometimes crawl, But you know we always find the wall, Reaching for it no matter what falls, Shows endurance and give strength, Because one day you'll make the decision,
Do something for me BreatheThen ask"Will it still matter in a year?"If the answer is noThen let it go
2016 was a year where my hands where tightly tied  together with ropes that smelled like your hands,  i hated that smell. your malignant actions took over my entire life
Life is as AMAZING as an OCEAN wave, How the waves glisten over the horizon of the sun,
Eyes stare at me They only perceive What I'm showing Without questioning To their sights I am so bright The smile on my face My future full of grace Why can't they read
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
If I could change one thing Life wouldn't be all about the bling I would want everyone to get on their knees and enjoy the trees. Life is not about how much you have It's about what's in your heart
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