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Dear Jay,   It’s been awhile. These last few years have been really hard I’m still trying to rap my head around you being gone. It feels so weird.
Big Brother's Guidance Inseprable. The way you took hold of me. Its like you were controlling me. I wanted to be just like you. In everything you do. You taught me to work hard.
You were just my brother Every morning as I'd get out of bed Mom and Dad in the kitchen holding coffee mugs as they shake their heads "We've tried everything we could" "The rehab hasn't done any good"
Big Brother Risen We the "Citizens" Recognize the signs Longing for power Their only demise Forever at ease Lives they seized No regret returned Their "wealth" earned
To dream is to die, to die is to live. For we forsake our freedom, for others to live.
you are my brother i miss you when will you learn when you were my age you were new to the criminal world your used to it now you act like it doesnt matter you never learn i miss you
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