my long lost big brother

you are my brother
i miss you
when will you learn
when you were my age
you were new to the criminal world
your used to it now
you act like it doesnt matter
you never learn
i miss you
youll be gone for 3 more years
your incarcerated
you steal did drugs
but hey at least your not like most criminals
they gettin shot a stabbed
actin like its fun to be them
your like a hampster your stuck in a loop
you cant evolve
you run through the streets
actin like a neanderthal
i wish you could stop
but you cant
i feel like youve never been there
your my big brother
your the one i should be able to talk to about girls
or problems i cant tell parents
i should have you to be able to bail me out
and not let the parents find out
thats never happen
every second your gone
its a second you cant get back
wishing you wouldve been there for my childhood
somtimes i think of you and start crying
i pray to the lord saying oh god why
why cant you learn
your my big brother
your lost out in some jail
your my long lost big brother


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