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Reaching for the sun I quickly look away Unable to run From the day   But when I look again I see the moon Smiling at my friend I feel content and swooned  
Oh! With what unspeakable anguish Do I regret the vocation I came so close And so oft to having The sweet acclamation That might have been mine.   Had I tried and failed,
As you walk the eternal line You see that you are one to transcend Your roots stop you from moving To let your heart mend The start of the line is the beginning But the line has no end
I knew it dynamite dominates my demeanor I just blew it Remnants of dreams and scattered thoughts A blast of aspiration and faults
When you accomplish greatness you feel invincible and unstoppable to do the impossible Coach Morgan’s pride and determination leads to a celebration Which starts a standing ovation which gives an athlete a burst of motivation
Crowding the streets Boycotting the bus Any action that could draw attention to us We will do it rushed To try and budge out of this rut
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