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I put the tape  in the VCR last night, watched years flash by in reverse,  watched it all come undone then I flicked out the tape  looked at the black box of memories  and stories 
Press 'Play' so that life can begin. Be introduced into into a new world that you have never been. Fast forward to a better time and remind yourself along the way
January 24, 2010 at 12:24am Maybe I will come back in May Hopefully I will know where to stay...
Here's another older one to round out the 5 for tonight :3 I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even write a fresh one for you~*   Dreams boil in my chest Hot and fierce they burn my flesh
The scent of vanilla In my hair; Dancing across my body; The cinnamon taste On my tongue When he kisses me; The burnt feeling In his chest when He looks into my  Warm eyes;
im on play, watching everything move in a reverse. who said rewind was good? mistakes driven through again. who said rewind was bad? love being simulated across the globe.
He approached, staring with eyes very bright,just kindly looking at me in that way,making my heart skip a beat with delight,listening closely to all that I say,caring more than I could have ever thought,
  He wasn’t the first, and wouldn’t be the last. Once again I put my heart on the line. I didn’t think about what you would go through, I wanted him, I needed him.   Within two weeks I was alone again,
What is the price of life? Will you give it up for your family? To support your kids? To get them something to eat? Our country's not the best, of corruption and poverty blessed And honestly.....that's why we leave!!
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