child molestation

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I never had a say in anything. I had to be quite, submissive, complaint. Poor child me, I believed I could trust him, Was told I had to, told he was my father. I had to listen to him,
Rain brings memories of a childhood disturbed,  turned into nothing worth mention. Drawing attention to thoughts of things had that never crossed  her mind were possible, at one time.
 Someone help me I’m covered by his hands 2 years old and being touch by this man Please hear me out if you can I know I’m a baby and it’s hard to understand But I know that what’s happening to meWasn’t part of God plans…Now I am 6 a little bit ol
The day I left was the hardest day of my life Looking into your eyes killed me Blank, expressionless, emotionless It was your decision to play the wife.    I've been so angry at you for what you did
If I was struck by the Amtrak, and my ghost was forced to float on Earth, then I'd visit your place. Affton, Missouri. I'd whisperinto your ears all night long   to drive you insane with sleep depravity.
CONTAINS SEXUAL MATERIAL THAT MAY TRIGGER SOME PEOPLE PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS WHEN YOU READ THIS Im not dead I just feel empty all emotions drained reasons for trying dying
My sexual assailant has no idea that he is guilty. He does not wear a big scarlet letter on his clothing. If you search his name in the mandatory database of registered sex offenders, you will find nothing.
Hi, I'm Annie and I'm 7.
He told me it was a game. 
  I’ve seen too many women crucify themselves for the wrongs others have dealt them.  
Sometimes, I feel like what happened
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