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Tender grounds catch my every step, reminding me this was once walked on before. Right Left Right,
Every word I say of you Unfinished. Every tale I tell of you Unfinished.                         Every moment spent with you Unfinished.
Transparently I observe; my eyes paint a picture, A landscape of the world and those within.
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
They bit the apple on the tree and I smoked its leaves. Yet, the sins I committed outside my body weren't enough for me. I kissed her lips and touched her skin. I cut my flesh for my dead spirit within.
In some ways we were journeymen on another mission We were all apprentices searching for some new edition Of our lives. In some ways we were just chicks being pushed from a nest
Creation is unstable, a question in the dark What am I supposed to say? With hands that lack talent With a mind with too many possibilities;
As the snow falls I feel the memories fade We're given a slate of time that can't be erased We're lulled- Into the cadence of life and the thought of love Herself. As the ice forms on the window pane
In the dark are lifeless hopes Scattered just like the dreams of old. Where are the stars? She said to the cold, And what is it like exactly to cope When the doors are slowly closing shut?
Where do you see the sun rise in a sea of sinking sand- When the hand of God is closed and death is so close to being a demand? It's warmth beats down, taking its prize Shouldn't it not be so much of a surprise
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