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Four long years you've been gone.We miss you.Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. The pain unbearing. My heart still tearing. No more advice. No more caring touch. 
From being a book once sealed shut, now open and exposed.   With problems I fought to be forgot, on pages that can't be closed.    It will be okay—
We see our skin everyday.  the flesh gripping tightly on our bones and protecting us from the world outside as we shake a hand, dry our eyes, or contemplate in the mirror upon if I can fit in and erase my thighs,
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
Folds of purple satin cloth, Swallow me. The lancet from out of darkness, Taunts me. Creaking stairs choke on themselves, begging for attention, I cannot give.  
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