Civil War

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You say you want to move on. Move on from slavery, from racism. “It was so long ago. Keep it in the past,” you say insidiously. But I can’t take you seriously,
When their horses came thundering over the plain, François, did you fear they would take you away? Did you fear where they’d carry you, fear what they’d do? Did you long for the sounds of the brown Rio Grande,
Both sides were red, white, and blue, The brothers of me and you. Both fought for what they thought was right, And ignored the other out of spite. Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg at Devil’s Den,
The sounds of blameless sounds rang upon my ears and every things went wrapping against, At different interflows were the unintended collusions of bleeding leaves crying sweet red,
Straight out of my mother's womb, all I see is darkness.. Watching fireworks shooting from one horizon to another filled me with so many joys, but then I realized that it was bullets.
Brother versus brother. Fields stained with blood. Father versus son. Soulless corpses of young and old.
A gentle breeze brings a sense of hope As a young schoolgirl stops and breathes In the scent of trees, water, and wind Which permeate the field on which she marches That field on the grounds of Gettysburg
I said I got to keep my head above water - James harden in OKC bring me off the clutch time in the 4th quarter - Its funny nowadays how people don’t want you to make - nothi
Now all is through, the battle is over,  The en’my retreated and gone.  The faint bugle calls still heard from afar; In the distance the fifes and drums.   Nearly all is still – deathly still,
The life of the innocent is taken by the sinner... They said "Black skin, wild hair, how could they not be barbaric? For these chains all men, now and future, will share it. No peace for man.
(poems go here) A chilly breeze meandered through the camp Waking the soldiers to the cold and damp. The Fall wind crystallized dew to grass
  Shells bursting is the only din. The dirt launched up from the moist ground. My vision is blinded by the light. I must withstand. Even despite The fact that I cannot be found.  
Occupation: student, Age: 20 years, 3rd Georgia (2nd State Line) Hair: Auburn, Complexion: florid, Five feet eleven; blue eyes   The historian’s favor has always been partial
Sides are picked, muskets raised Grey and blue, wool blood stained The Union must stay intact, but Brother versus brother are being attacked In the end, all people are free
The silent thump of a widow's heart, as is slowly tears and rips apart, this is the Unheard Anthem. A  boy who awaits his father's return, the steady cry on the news he will learn, this is the Unheard Anthem.
President Lincoln’s assassination was the beginning. Through all the pain and suffering, Of the Civil War ending Came a newfound feeling of equality.
What a shame, how we all were treated before, False accusations, people judged the color of skin. Our potential, needs, and feelings were forgotten, ignored, Our worn and torn shoes, no one has thought to step in.
This is the story of a divided nation. In a time when industrial revolution, bondage and hierarchy was the norm. 1861 the war begun 1862 the war renew 1863 the slaves set free 1864 no war no more
The brutal whippings with sticks and stones, even though sometimes they broke our bones. it was all just sensless hate, we were broken down to our lowest state. But i reckon it was all a part of fate,
Civil War? Who was the cause? Africans were "Free" According to the 13th Amendment However, their freedom was no liberty They were free to be discriminated And to be segregated.
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