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Crash, bang, pop! Midnight gridlock. Red lights all around. Horns blaring with the sound of a thousand trumpets. I sit, wait, and appreciate.   Perspective changes problems into opportunities.
They stare ahead with blank eyes Like robots, or something more civilized Not a finger twitches Not an eye blinks They stare ahead with blank eyes
//Patience//        there has been a change.    await, await ; in the sound of fate ,   no mantra to convince you ; no ecstasy to taint you .   far away, far away ; stands 
the fear came in scraps the size of candy wrappers and the bits of water balloon you leave on the ground; it came during an air raid, when the shelter of imagination was no longer
There are failures. Are there? Sitting is a failure? Sitting still is a success. What about money? What about it? Money is paper. Sitting Still is success.  
I lack the words to describe unlike a scribe
Fresh blankets of darkness settle across the stone cold ground Eating away at the blinding light trying to break its way inside Not a movement is made, not a sound is heard   …Just
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