civil rights scholarship slam

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Daddy's best friend liked boys My's friend Jeff had a boyfriend And that was fine, I loved them both My friends were equal No color, no social class, or inequality Just friends
One man had a dream That dream asked us to put our preducies behind us That one dream asked every person, balck or white to join hands and look past the obvious differences
We will not be silenced, the silence is broken by the symbolism within the signs we raise and the hymns we quietly hum.
They want to badmind me because I’m a sodomite Everyone else, they try to backbite Creeping up, out of the light I will not fight with guns or dynamite.
You know what’s hard about civil rights? I’m the white male juvenile discussing it Can you put that picture together? I’m blamed for the mistakes of people I never knew I get it
My world was torn into shambles, you see A shattered version of what once was me Why is my life Hell? It used to be fine Because of a shade of skin that was mine The white men are merciless to my kind
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