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You are the Most High You take and you give.
The cold woman caught my eye It is strange though I never once saw her cry Or even heard her bellow The words to a tune of a lost soul   The homeless woman stole my attention How could she live
We need better facilities We need better curriculum We need computers that actually work We need smaller class sizes We need our photography program back We need people to talk to We need fairness
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
More emotion than you could ever know is poetry Yes , its when I feel a vague entity But you do understand, you understand the monogamous relationship
Focus our eyes. Are we stuck in the wilderness? Lead us to the promise land. Lead on, lead on... We are the chosen ones. We stand together. When you call, we will answer. You will provide.
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