The cold woman caught my eye

It is strange though

I never once saw her cry

Or even heard her bellow

The words to a tune of a lost soul


The homeless woman stole my attention

How could she live

In a life that would not give

Anything to her who had no shelter

The one who had no refuge


I wondered what put her there

I thought it could be her doing

Then I realized it could be mine

I realized I could be the one keeping her there

It is crazy how this all came from a stare


I looked into her empty eyes

And saw an empty house

The walls were covered in white

And for one second I thought that I might

Give her the key to this empty house


I realized there was no shelter

That it was all just a part of my mind

Then I thought to myself

Why would I leave this all behind

When I could make this all reality


The snow that once decorated her hair

Is now gone like this love affair

I had with myself

I threw away all my pride

And opened my mind to look inside


The cold woman is now gone

She is warm in a house that I have made

And for once I think to myself

I built this home for a cold woman

And now I know that she is safe


I think to myself once again

I would do this for any man

I would do anything I can

To give them a roof over their head

A roof that will change everything


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